In 2016 a paint splattered Newfie decided to follow her heart song and opened the doors to Seaborn Art Studio. 

Nestled by the sea in St. Margaret's Bay,   the studio is a small, but powerful space for imaginations to play.  This cozy & colourful extension of Sadie's home helps create a more relaxed atmosphere, which is one of the key components to successful creating! Art is about relaxing, exploring, and having fun. That is exactly the experience you can expect when you join a Seaborn Art Studio art class, pARTy, or creative event.  These classes are uniquely designed for all levels of experience, including none! The main goal here is to create time and space for you to liberate your inner artist!

With so much art being made, the studio strives to be as eco-friendly as possible. Learn how we REDUCE, REUSE, & RECREATE!

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Sadie Jane


Born and raised on the breathtaking island of Newfoundland, I know all too well what it means to be "Seaborn". There is a power to the ocean that no other body of water holds. It draws me in and I can't ignore it's salty, siren song.  No matter where I go in life, the sea always draws me back.  Art holds the same mysterious power over me.  Hypnotizing me with it's vibrant colours, it's endless textures, and allowing me to liberate myself in so many ways.  When I submerge myself into the creative process, I can get lost for hours. I had no idea that life would give me the opportunity to combine these two forces to create a studio experience for others. I am so thankful for this colourful journey. I am so thankful for the tremendous support of the community. Your participation helps make the studio classes  & events possible. Thank you so much for that! 

-One of my greatest joys in life is sharing my passion of art with others. 

Meet the Team



King of the Studio, Demetri loved to soak in the creative process. He mostly worked behind the scenes, leaving the spotlight for amigos. Rest in Peace Diz.



Master of all Art, Shemar loves to get his paws messy. He is a creative enthusiast & is always ready to give headbutts to amigos.



Overseer of Creativity, Murphy loves to cheer amigos on as they create. He is always ready to lend a paw & share his happy vibes.

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President of the Welcoming Committee, Storm loves her role in the studio. Her favourite thing is watching amigos create.