Liberate your inner artist! 

Each art class is thoughtfully designed, to ensure artists of all levels will benefit from attend class. Every class is rich with learning opportunities to grow as an artist.  Petite Picassos are encouraged to explore the world of colour & textures , while they further develop their fine motor skills, language, & social skills .  Children and teenagers are encouraged to discover their creative side in a fun, structured, & supported environment. Adults are invited to create time to connect with their inner child, and find a new outlet for self expression and stress relief.   

Upcoming Creative Opportunities

Studio art classes are a fun way to connect with other creative souls in the community as you liberate your inner artist and learn new skills. Each class is specially designed for all levels of experience so that everyone can learn and grow in the same session at their own pace.

Pre-registration is required for all classes by emailing


Seats are limited to ensure each amigo has a rewarding experience.

Samples for classes are posted as quickly as possible. Feel free to explore the sample gallery.

Amigo Art Gallery

Take a peek into the studio and see some of the masterpieces being created! As you view this, remember that these artists range from a wide background of experience. Some with non at all, just starting this journey, others who ‘dabble’ in art, and others who have been creating for years. We all have the ability to create and express ourselves through art. It truly isn’t about the end result, it’s all about the process during creating!

Painted News

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