What is Art Healing?

Art Healing can be described as the process of dropping out of head space and into heart space to allow your soul to speak. It creates opportunity for the exploration and expression of emotions through artistic creation. Art Healing is a way to practice being in the moment through creative expression.

What is Art to Me?

Art has been a huge part of my life ever since I could hold a crayon. It is my happy place, it was my escape from pain and suffering, and my path to joy and gratitude. Art is more than just the media, it is the freedom of the creative process; it's about connecting with your emotions and being present with them as you channel that energy. Art is the point of focus that allows all other thoughts to fade away. It is the record you can sit back and explore post creation to search for answers. Art is about stepping out of head space down into heART space and allowing your soul to share.

The studio aims to introduce you to various mediums and expressions of art, and to support you as you experiment and explore.

Seaborn Art Studio sees the light that shines within you. The main vision is to create opportunity for you to see that light as well.

Art Healing Opportunities

Explore paths to healing through art with Seaborn Art Studio

From personalized individual sessions, to the healing magic found when creating together in groups; there are many ways to experience Art Healing at the studio.