Going Green

Amigos, did you know that over 1000 creations were made in the studio in 2016 alone? Wowzers! That's a lot of masterpieces! In the studio we are always talking  about ways to reduce our footprint as we create. This year we are going to explore more ways to create eco-friendly art & be sure to practice green creating both  in and out of the studio.  Learn how you can make BIG art with a small impact. 

The studio is located seaside, fully submerged in nature, surrounded by endless inspiration. As artists, it's important that we thank this earth for being our muse. One of the ways we can show our gratitude is by being   eco friendly when we create. 


How the studio has practiced being green friendly

Amigos in studio have already been exploring ways to be eco-friendly. Here are some of the ways:

cups n rags.jpg
  • switched from styrofoam plates to compostable, biodegradable paper palettes

  • reuse paint water cups, paint rags, and paint palettes

  • create art with as much recycled supplies as possible

  • amigos divert waste by donating supplies they no longer use

  • order supplies when needed based on registration to reduce overage and waste

  • specialized classes dedicated to learning about the 3R's & how to make art from various recycled materials

  • reusing old canvas by painting over older works/experiments

  • specialized classes dedicated to making art in and with nature

  • uses non toxic paint

  • limit energy usage in studio

  • repair paintbrushes & other supplies when possible, recycle damaged ones in other projects

  • forms/receipts/invoices will be paperless unless otherwise requested (enviro fee)

  • mindful paint pouring at pARTy events

  • using all natural cleaning products

  • even more outdoor classes & workshops that will focus on preserving our planet

New ways to be green

There's always room to improve! Here are some new ways the studio will be practicing eco-friendly creating. 

  • Purchasing paint in bulk and reusing current containers to cut down on plastic waste

  • Arranging carpool options for those traveling to group events with the studio

  • and much more! If you have an idea please share!