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Healing Circles

Sacred space is created when we heal as a community.

Art Healing is accessible for anyone regardless of age or experience with art. It’s truly not about the technical side of art, its focus is on the expressive side. Healing Circles are a heART-filled addition to any community event, celebration, fundraiser, or team building experience.

How it Works: Choose from a selection of healing path options. Each path is created with an intentional meditation and art project that will help connect your group with themselves and each other, as we experience community through creativity and compassion.

*Most projects are completed individually, however some paths can also be co-created as a collective.

What to expect: Sadie will introduce the group to the intention of the Healing Circle and lead a focused conversation based on this theme. Afterwards, she will guide you through a grounding meditation that allows you to connect with the energy of the circle. Once you are feeling a little more settled in, you will begin your creative journey. When the creating time has completed, there will be space for reflection and discussion before finishing with a peaceful and grounding meditation to close the circle.

*Healing Circles have a maximum of 20 participants to allow for a more connected healing experience.