Studio Class Policies

Studio Class Information

Studio classes are creatively designed in a way to enrich all levels of experience, including no experience! A unique and fun step by step process was created especially for this reason. This allows anyone (even those with not a creative bone in their body) to connect with their inner artist. Each class you will explore various techniques and mediums. Classes are categorized into the following age groups: Petite Picassos 3-5, Little Amigos 6-8, Kids 9-11, Teens 12-15, and Adults 16+. Special Adult events are for ages 19+. Class duration and price varies pending on topic and medium being used. Materials may be extra and if so it will be stated in the class description.  Class descriptions can be found on Seaborn Art Studio’s official Facebook page or on the website. Class sizes vary pending on age group &/nature of the class. Please note that all classes have limited seats. This allows each artist to maximize their creative experience. For this reason pre-registration is required, however payment can be made at time of class (some exceptions apply).

Studio Art Class Registration

Please register no less than 48hrs before a class - some exceptions apply, this will be stated in class descriptions. To register for any studio art class, or to schedule a private individual/group lesson, please contact the studio via email, direct message on the official Seaborn Art Studio Facebook page, or through the website contact form. If a seat/date is available, you will receive a confirmation email securing your spot.  Before heading out to class be sure check the Facebook event or visit the website to see if there are any cancellations, important updates, etc.  The studio will open doors 10 minutes prior to the start of class. Please arrive no later than 5 mins before the start of class, this allows for maximin create time. Please respect the nature and time frame of the class. Amigos (“amigos” are students) can stay 15 minutes after a class to finish a project.  If you are running late please let the studio know by sending a quick email.  Amigos are to be picked up no later than 15 mins after class. Please note that any comments made on social media posts may not be seen by Seaborn Art Studio staff, for this reason all communications must be made to Seaborn Art Studio via email. This includes registration, cancellations, and other messages you want the staff to receive. Learn more about art classes here. See samples for art classes here.


Payment for studio classes/private lessons be made at time of of registration or prior to the start of class with the exception of select classes/events which require a deposit or full payment in advance, this will be clearly stated in the class description. The studio accepts cash, EMT, debit/credit. Cheques are not accepted.  Payments received after the 48hr grace period will be subject to a late fee. A $5.00 late fee will be applied to your outstanding balance every 48hrs. Please let the studio know at time of registration if you would like to use a gift card or redeem your FREE class loyalty card. Not all classes are part of the loyalty card system. This is clearly stated in the class description. The loyalty card does not apply to private lessons.

Loyalty Card

Exciting news amigos! The studio offers an awesome loyalty card program to help liberate your inner artist! Each time you attend a class* and pay, a stamp will be give on your loyalty card. Attend 5 classes and the 6th one is FREE!

*This program is only offered for select studio classes. Class descriptions will state if the class is loyalty card friendly. Cards can only be redeemed in classes that accept the program. Gift certificates cannot be used with loyalty card.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates may be purchased and used towards the payment of a class or private lesson. Gift certificates are not applicable to special events or pARTy bookings. Gift certificates expires six months from purchase date and will be stated on the card. Non refundable. Non transferable.

Cancellations/Class Changes

Classes require a 24 hr cancellation notice otherwise 50% payment of that class must be made.  Please note the payment policy applies to cancellation fees. Should you be unable to attend a class a courtesy email is required letting the employees of Seaborn Art Studio aware of your absence. Seaborn Art Studio reserves the right to cancel any class, limit class size, change times or substitute instructors for those listed in the class schedule as it deems necessary. Class cancellations will be announced no later than 1hr before  class. Announcements will be posted on the Facebook event as well as on the website.  When possible, a makeup class date will be posted within 48hrs of the class cancellation, at which point your registration will be automatically transferred to the new date. If you are unable to attend the new date, the 48 hr cancellation policy applies, be sure to send cancellation notice to Seaborn Art Studio via email. Should rescheduling be unavailable for a class all prepayments will receive a refund with the exceptions of select classes/events. These classes will have this information clearly stated in the class description. Learn more about

Weather related 

If weather becomes yucky, especially during winter months, the studio will follow the school board's decision. If schools close down, so will the studio. Should the weather worsen outside of school hours,  the staff of Seaborn Art Studio will make an announcement no less than 1 hour before the scheduled time to let you know if class is canceled/rescheduled.  You can find the announcement on the  event or on this website. This will then become a personal call to decide if you feel comfortable commuting to class.  Please be sure to plan for extra driving time and travel slowly & safely.  If you choose to not come, please send the studio a courtesy message (on the event page or by email) so we know you are ok. For this reason, it is important to be sure to check in with the event for any updates prior to coming to class. Class will be rescheduled at the next available time. These new dates & times will be adjusted in the event. Your seat will automatically transfer to the new date. If you are unable to attend the rescheduled class please email Seaborn Art Studio to confirm, otherwise the 24 hr cancellation fee will apply. Note there may be times where it is not possible to reschedule a class. Please know amigos that your safety comes first. This is our main priority. 


This one is a little bit of a muddy area but I'm going to keep it as simple as I can. Out of respect I am going to let you know as soon as I possibly can if I need to reschedule. With this said please be aware that the latest I will cancel a class is an hour before. Pending on the situation class will be rescheduled if possible.  For this reason, it is important to be sure to check in with the event for any updates prior to coming to class. 



Refunds will be made in the event a studio art class seat is canceled 48hrs prior to the class with the exception of select classes that have non refundable deposits or payments. These classes will have this clearly stated in the class description. If you cancel your seat after the 48hr grace period no refunds will be applied.

Samples and Artwork

All art class samples, pARTy samples and other artwork are 100% generated from inspiration and the imagination of artist Sadie Jane. Exceptions apply to select Paint Like a Master samples. Inspired art work for commission art is also intellectual property of Seaborn Art Studio. These artworks for exclusively for the use of Seaborn Art Studio.  For this reason,  the art created at Seaborn Art Studio classes, events, pARTies, etc are created for educational and entertainment purposes and are not to be sold, leased, or distributed as a reproduction in any form. Any unauthorized use of these images is strictly prohibited.

Artist Conduct

Amigos are expected to follow directions, perform to the best of their abilities, and to respect others in the class. If necessary, parents,/guardians/caregivers will be informed of any behaviour that goes against these guidelines. The instructor reserves the right to dismiss any amigo(s) from the session depending upon the severity of the situation, without refund. Seaborn Art Studio holds the right to charge participants/participants legal guardians for any damages occured including expenses for time loss.  These classes have been creatively designed to be educational in a fun, approachable way. It is important that amigos be mindful that this is a class setting and all participants are present to learn and have fun.

Artist Clothing

Materials used in studio varies from class to class. It's always recommended that you wear something that can get a little (or a lot) messy.  Smocks are available for studio classes but it's encouraged that you also wear some old clothing dedicated to create art in. Be sure clothing is loose and comfortable to allow for movement. Parents/Caregivers please note after you leave, your child may not agree to wearing the smock, or ro removing clothing that may be ruined. For this reason it is the parent’s/caregiver’s responsibility to ensure your child arrives wearing clothing that can get messy. The studio is not responsible for any clothing, personal articles damaged during the creating process.

Snacks & Beverages

Amigos are encouraged to bring bottled water to class providing they use a non spill container. Amigos are only to bring water as anything else may potentially ruin art projects. Allergy friendly snacks are welcomed and are to be consumed away from art projects. For camps, workshops, & special events other non-alcoholic beverages may be brought for consumption during designated breaks.

Parent/Guardian/Caregiver+Child or Drop-Off

Seaborn Art Studio loves seeing people happy and comfortable as they create and understands that a new environment may be overwhelming for some amigos. The studio also recognizes when it is important to give amigos their space to create without parental supervision. Being aware of the limited studio space, it is also important to note that seats and space are reserved for participating artists for the designated age group. For this reason parents/caregivers are allowed  to stay and participate in classes for ages 3-5.  Classes for ages 6+ are drop off only unless otherwise stated in the class description. Please plan to return 5 minutes before the scheduled end of the class to help your child gather up their work and pack up. Art work can only be held at the studio for a maximum of 7 days.



Seaborn Art Studio and its staff cannot be held responsible in any way for any damages or injuries incurred while on the property of the studio or while attending any Seaborn Art Studio related events. Studio guests and participants are to respect property boundaries, “no go zones”, and the studio’s Artist Conduct policy. Seaborn Art Studio and its staff cannot be held responsible for any damage whatsoever that may result from an error or from information displayed on the website. In the event that such errors or information are discovered, the studio will notify amigos as quickly as possible. Please note that certain images and colours may be slightly different from the images displayed on the website.


When registering for a class, pARTy, event, or contest, Seaborn Art Studio may require you provide personal information such as name, email, phone number, address, and possibly other information. This information is collected to better serve you and is only used by the studio. You have the option to provide your email to subscribe to the Painted News newsletter, and can opt out at any time, these details are included in each newsletter. Under no circumstances will Seaborn Art Studio disclose your personal information to its partners/and or other parties. It is important to know that at Seaborn Art Studio highly values its customers and will never sell its customer list or give your personal information to anyone.